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Team Seed doesn’t get much past switching on the office lights in the morning without the daily rounds of steaming porridge, fresh coffee and mint tea, and evenings are spent pinning breakfast porn (amongst many other types of food porn), whilst weekends are for attempting Deliciously Ella’s latest overnight oats and chia breakfast bowls. So it’s safe to say that when it comes to breakfast, we have certain expectations…

Imagine our delight, therefore, when we heard about the opening of Sensory & Rye - a place that treats breakfast as it should be treated - the focal point of your day. So last Friday, Team Seed headed off on a little breakfast extravaganza and we’re happy to say that Hereford’s latest foodie destination is a hit!

Who knew that an old, deserted butcher’s shop had the potential to be the coolest coffee spot in town!? We loved everything about the design of the rustic, urban eatery. Owner, Nicola, told us that she fell in love with the building, after her and her partner, who Nicola described as a ‘genius’ (he’s the handy man behind the place), explored different areas of Herefordshire every Thursday evening, until they found the one!

We pretty much sampled the whole breakfast menu. It would have been rude not to, right? The Brûléed Oats were an instant favourite, served with cardamom spiced winter fruits, perfect for the cold, wintery mornings that we’re experiencing at the moment. The Rye bread with avocado, which was served with crispy bacon and a perfectly poached egg was everything you would want from brunch, and Buckwheat pancakes with sour cream, pistachios and spiced winter fruits were a delicious, rather British twist on an American classic.

It was great to chat to Nicola about her inspiration from fellow Herefordshire foodies, The Rule of Tum, her passion for design and the ideas behind Sensory & Rye!

So what are you waiting for? Christmas is here so now is the time to indulge breakfast, lunch and supper!

Phia Folkes