Views / Calon Lan's Hot Thai Style Chutney.

If there is one thing we are a sucker for, it's a good chutney. 

For us chutney making is an art, a good chutney needs to have a careful balance of sweet and sour. Too sweet and it will be too heavy on the palate, too sour, the vinegar makes you wince! It's also all in the spicing, which shouldn't be overpowering and should complement the main ingredients perfectly.

We were recently invited to try Calon Lan's Hot Thai Style Chutney. As avid lovers of asian food, this seemed the perfect opportunity to try a chutney a little out of the ordinary.

On opening, the chutney smells delicious and fruity, with a golden hue. It also has a great consistency. The spicing is just right, with a generous kick of chilli after the fruity flavours have mellowed. We tried it with Jones crisps, another product from the makers of Calon Lan which were equally delicious. The brand is made in small batches in Wales, for more information visit


Phia Folkes