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The start of a new year is always a great time to reflect on past successes and plan for future ones. Like most disciplines in the marketing spectrum, branding is all too often misunderstood as just a logo and maybe a slogan that is expected to define the overall business. However, strategic branding is a much more holistic discipline that defines how the brand will live and breathe everyday. The branding process will inform the language you use, the content you create, the journey you take your customers on and the way the brand interacts with consumers, influencers and society at large.

Get Strategic - A brand strategy defines the personality of the brand, what it stands for and its reasons for being. Get branding right and you create value in your business, which is what most business owners are looking to achieve.

So how do you get strategic? Here are some simple steps we take our clients through:

Research your socks off - Focus groups, surveys and tailored market research are ways of assessing the viability of your brand’s offering. However for a lot of businesses, these activities are not in the budget, which means desk research is key. Find out what your competitors are doing, who their customers are and why their customers have chosen them. Social media is a great place to start.

Get into the detail - Working out the features and benefits of your brand are key - where do they fit in people's lives and how will they make them feel. These days experiential trumps the joy of purchase, so emotional benefits are key. You can then develop the brand story, personality, tone of voice, key messages and the visual identity.

Seeing is believing - Your visual identity sets the expectation for your consumer and the reputation you want associated with your brand. Spend a decent amount of time and money on your logo creation and it will be worth it in the long run. Creating cut-through is key - dare to be different from the crowd but always be inspired by others.

Shout about it - Work out how you are going to achieve the best reach. Do you need a social media strategy, a launch event or a targeted PR campaign? Have a plan to ensure your brand gets off to the best start.

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Phia Folkes