Portfolio / Calsway

This month The Seed Group has started a launch campaign for a new and exciting healthy snack brand, Calsway. The campaign will include a national PR launch as well as a social media management and content marketing. 

The brand has a unique angle that we love which is that it packs according to calories rather than weight. It's all too easy to think you are eating well only to realise you have snacked on nearly 300 calories in the process! 

The brand has over 50 varieties of snacks which are conveniently available through Amazon Prime.  You can choose your snack goal from 100- 200 calories and we love the no added sugar fruit stripes at just 150 calories and the trail mix has a great assortment of fruit and nuts to help us through our 3 pm sugar crave! 

This month we have been having fun in the studio creating social post graphics as well as PR photography. The campaign will focus on sharing the new products with a health focused audience with lots of on-page giveaways. You can follow the fun at facebook.com/calsway

Phia Folkes